From the HBD Archive
From: Frank Tutzauer <>
Subject: VMS decompression of Z files--help!
Date: 1992-03-19 23:14:00 GMT

Ok, great. The Cats Meow 2 is out. But somebody needs to help us VMS
folks. I know, I know, the rest of the world is UNIX. But I (and some
other folks I'm sure) are stuck on VMS. We can ftp to mthvax just fine.
We can grab the files just fine. BUT WE CAN'T DECOMPRESS THEM. We don't
have the UNIX utilities, and even if we did I wouldn't be surprised if
some glitches didn't arise. UUDECODE doesn't work. Trying to grab the
files sans the Z extenstion doesn't work. Praying, chanting, and cussing
doesn't work............. In the months and months I've been reading
the HBD and using USENET, I've seen the question of how does a VMS user
decompress the UNIX files arise several times. But I've never never never
seen an answer. Somebody help. And POST your answer, so all of us VMS types
can profit from it.

- --frank

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