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Subject: Michigan Brewpub Legislation
Date: 1992-03-22 16:26:00 GMT

This is for Michigan's beer lovers where ever they are:
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Representative Curtis Hertel (D-Detroit) has introduced a bill (House
Bill 5407) that would allow Brewpubs to exist in the state. A "brewpub"
is a restaurant or bar that brews its own beer for serving on the premises.
These very small breweries have made significant contributions to the
variety of beers and brewing in the U.S.

The full House is scheduled to take this measure up in the next few weeks.

To support this bill, beer lovers who would like to see brewpubs become
reality in Michigan should exercise their civic duties and contact their

House members should be contacted immediately by phone and mail and
encouraged to vote for this bill when it comes to a vote of the full
House. Senators should also be encouraged to support this bill once it
passes the House.

Rep. Hertel should also be contacted -- offers of support, appreciation,
etc., are always welcome. He may also need knowledgeable people in the
industry to testify if and when the bill is taken up by the Senate.

When contacting a legislator, there are a few things to keep in mind:

o They deal with hundreds of bills, so cite the specific bill: 5407.

o Give your reasons for supporting it in your own words -- form letters
and scripts are not nearly as effective as your personally stated

o Try to stay positive. (e.g. "Brewpubs would be great in Michigan!"
or "Our state's economy would benefit!" but not "It's about time
you idiots allowed this!")

Should you wish to go the extra mile, you might suggest meeting with
the legislator and sharing a fine commercial beer or a homebrew, so
that they can get an idea of what the issue really is -- good beer
for Michigan.

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Josh Grosse
Amdahl Corp. 313-358-4440
Southfield, Michigan

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