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Subject: Growing Hops
Date: 1992-03-23 15:45:21 GMT

Fellow Brewers,

I just received my first HOP rhizomes in the mail yesterday
(3/19). I bought three types; Saaz, Eroica, and Hersbrucker from
AGS in IL. (800) 444-2837 in case anyone wants it.

My question is this, What (qty. wise) can I expect to harvest off
of these vines in the first season?? Different amounts from each
variety ?? I realize that it depends on a multitude of variables,
but I don't plan on cultivating genetically engineered hop plants
or using Miraclegro fertilizer, just general stuff. BTW I live in
the N.East (PA) which has pretty normal weather. I didn't purchase
a hop growing book (yet) (I don't read software manuals either) so
this is just a 'in your experience' question.

Also, has anyone out there successfully nurtured hop plants in
an indoor setting, not a greenhouse but an apt.?? I am not
planning on being at my current address for very long and I had
in mind a big pot with a trimmed down trellis setup. Any tips??

Thanks in advance for your help.

- Joel McCamley "Constantly Relaxing, Not Worrying,
and Having a Homebrew"

P.S. I am in no way associated with Alternative Garden Supply,
Miraclegro etc. etc. yackity yak yak yak.................

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