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From: "a.e.mossberg" <>
Subject: files in recipe-book archive at
Date: 1992-03-23 17:46:29 GMT

As many of you have noticed, requests to netlib like

send from recipe-book

don't work. I forgot that netlib converts all requests to lowercase.

Here is a new index for the recipe-book subdirectory:

The Cat's Meow - The Homebrew Recipe Book
(provided by Karl Lutzen,

Volume 1: through PostScript Version
cats_meow Plain text
cats_meow.uuz compressed, uuencoded file

Volume 2:

cat2 Plain text
cat2.uuz compressed, uuencoded file PostScript version compressed, uuencoded file
cat2-cover-ps cover sheet for PostScript version
cat2-cover-ps.uuz compressed, uuencoded file

NOTE: If you are using netlib, you must request the *.uuz versions where
noted. Failure to do so will likely result in a message from netlib
advising you that you have exceeded the permissible size, *and you
will not receive any requests*.

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