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From: Progress Through Tradition 24-Mar-1992 0936 <>
Subject: Cat's Meow for VMS
Date: 1992-03-24 14:36:07 GMT

>Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1992 18:14 EST
>From: Frank Tutzauer <>
>Subject: VMS decompression of Z files--help!
>Ok, great. The Cats Meow 2 is out. But somebody needs to help us VMS
>folks. I know, I know, the rest of the world is UNIX. But I (and some
>other folks I'm sure) are stuck on VMS. We can ftp to mthvax just fine.
>We can grab the files just fine. BUT WE CAN'T DECOMPRESS THEM. We don't
>have the UNIX utilities, and even if we did I wouldn't be surprised if
>some glitches didn't arise. UUDECODE doesn't work. Trying to grab the
>files sans the Z extenstion doesn't work. Praying, chanting, and cussing
>doesn't work............. In the months and months I've been reading
>the HBD and using USENET, I've seen the question of how does a VMS user
>decompress the UNIX files arise several times. But I've never never never
>seen an answer. Somebody help. And POST your answer, so all of us VMS types
>can profit from it.
>- --frank

'Tis indeed a pain to talk to those heathen U*X sites. I guess we
can't all attain enlightenment in this world... :^)

Here's how I pulled the CAT2 files from the archive:

o FTP the .PS.Z.UUE files from the archive. We can't do 'real'
FTP from inside the company, so I used FTPMAIL.

o Assemble and decode the UUENCODEd files. I think I grabbed
my decoder from DECWRL::"/pub/VMS". I'll send you the C source
code in a following message (it's short).

o Untar the decoded file using COMPRESS_VMS.EXE, available for
FTP from:

164 10-MAY-1990 18:58:06.00 (RWED,R,R,R)

o Massage the resultant PostScript files a bit to get rid of
any 'letter' commands. These cause our LPS20s to barf.

Let me know if you have any trouble grabbing the files from DECWRL. I
believe that the site is available for anonymous ftp from outside DEC.
If it isn't, I'll put together a VMS SHARE kit of COMPRESS_VMS.EXE and
mail it to you.

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