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From: polstra!larryba@uunet.UU.NET (Larry Barello)
Subject: Sparge Water Temp, Dry Hopping
Date: 1992-03-24 15:12:38 GMT

I think that the ideal sparge water temp needs to be determined
by experimentation. I use 185f water and my final runoff is around
150-155f. Just for yuks, I stuffed a thermometer into the top of my mash
near the end of sparging the last batch. The temp was around 160 or so.
Since the idea is to have as hot a water as possible to leach out the
sugars but not so hot as to leach out the tannins in the husk. Something
between 130-170f seems Ok.

I dry hop by dumping pellets into the secondary. Usually that starts
fermentation up again (yeast stick to the hop particles and float around
keeping themselves naturally "aroused" (pant pant...)). When all the hops
stuff finally sinks to the bottom I *know* that fermentation is completed.
Racking the beer off the hops/sediment is no big deal at that point.

- Larry Barello

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