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From: Pete Soper <>
Subject: Boots kits
Date: 1988-12-29 16:45:58 GMT

Boots is a drug store chain similar to Revco in the states. They
have all the private label items you would expect of a drug store,
plus private label homebrew supplies. I'd put the chances of Boots
kits being exported to the US somewhere between zero and zilch.
I'd put the chances near 100% that Boots kits are made by M&F,
Geordie, or a similar British malt house and thus very similar to
the kits these companies sell with their own label.

I brought three Boots kits from Britain in my luggage once with no
hassles. One of the kits came with what I believe was a genuine liquid
yeast culture. It was a small clear plastic bag of liquid with no solid
matter apparent. The other two kits had the usual dry yeast packets.
When I made the first kit ("Boots Best Bitter") with the prescribed
amount of corn sugar, I got a very drinkable but slightly cidery,
homebrew the color of (but not the flavor of!) Bass Ale and with
an ending gravity of 1.005.

On another subject could someone with a microscope and stains
tell me if Saran Wrap fresh off the roll is relatively bacteria free?

On yet another subject, I'm going all out to grow my own hops in
'89. Could someone who has done this with real success tell me the
kind of soil they used, their geographic location, and the date they
planted their rhizomes?

When I prepare to bottle, I put my cleaned bottles in my oven and
bake them at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, then let them cool overnight.
It's overkill, but so convenient compared to messing with the dish
washer and hot water heater temp that I can't resist it. Also, since
I started using the oven, the little variations in flavor from bottle
to bottle have vanished. Unfortunately for scientific method, I also
switched to 100% use of liquid yeast at this time, so that may have been
a factor. Don't forget to take off your Grolsh bottle rubber seals if
you use your oven or you won't like this idea at all.

--Pete Soper

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