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From: ix!roman@uunet.UU.NET (Daniel Roman)
Subject: Growing Hops
Date: 1992-03-24 18:10:55 GMT

About a half dozen digests ago I posted about my hop failures when I
ordered hops from the west coast (Oregon). I'm on the east coast.
Well, my replacement hops which I received for free from the same place
as last year because of their failure to grow arrived last friday and
there was a big difference in their condition when I opened the box.
Last year the roots were very dry and the package was very light. This
year the box was heavier because the moss that the roots (and they roots
themselves) was moist still. Temperatures are a lot lower this year
than last and I guess last years hops did not survive the trip by truck.

Of course I can't plant them yet because this year we have about 6
inches of snow still on the ground and the ground is frozen so I've got
them in the fridge. Should I keep them moist by sprinkling a little
water on them every few days? They are wrapped in moss, surrounded by
paper, in the shipping box, in the fridge. With the crazy weather we've
been having in NJ I don't know when it is going to be safe to plant
Dan Roman Internet:

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