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From: (Kevin Yager)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-03-24 22:19:04 GMT

On Mar 18, 16:17, tim@MTNET2.WVNET.EDU wrote:
} Subject: Distilling
} I am in search of information about distilling, other that the book Lore of
} Still Building.
} Will beer kegs do for a cooker ?

I suppose that a beer keg might work. The problem would be cleaning it after
you have cooked a batch in it. Keep in mind that there will be stuff cooked to
the inside of it. It seems like the keg would be a pain unless you modified
it so that it had a lid you could remove and then put back on when you started
cooking. This would allow for quick filling and emptying and easy cleaning.

} What is the ideal temp. ?

I'm not clear if you have the book "Lore of Still Building" or if you are
looking for it. If you have the book it gives the boiling point of alcohol
( around 175 or so degrees fa) keep above this temp but as close to it as
possible. If you are looking for the book send me your address and I'll have my
local homebrew shop send you a catalog. He stocks them.

} What about a thump keg or a dry keg ?

A thumper will give you a little higher concentration and may help to
condense out fusil oils before it gets to your final product.

} What should be done to insure the purity of the distillate ?

The distillate may contain concentrations of all of the stuff that was in
the wort. A good rule is not to distill anything that
you would be afraid to drink. Stay away from using lead or solder when
constucting your still. It's best to stick to copper, stainless steel and
glass. Make sure your copper isn't green. The green stuff is poison.

A kind of yucky trick but a totaly functional one is to seal any cracks,
joints, or leaks that your still may have with bread dough. That's right!

Just take a slice of bread and run a little water on it and mush it up.
Stick this stuff over any joints or cracks ( like were your pipe goes in and
out of your thumper). This stuff will dry and make a seal. It also gives
you some flexibility. You won't have to solder anything together. And
if you screw up and some presure builds up someplace the dough will start
leaking instead of your still blowing up!!

}-- End of excerpt from tim@MTNET2.WVNET.EDU

Of course this is all purely hypothetical. ;)


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