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Subject: Re: Papazian's CJoHB
Date: 1989-09-11 14:20:17 GMT

>From: (Kent Forschmiedt)
>My favorite two books are William Mares' "Making Beer" (I think that's the
>whole title) and the well known "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing," by
>Charlie Papazian.
>Papazian's book is closer to a textbook; the anecdotes are short and it
>isn't a chronicle. It has lots of recipes, including some unusual beers
>and mead. The technical information is broader and more complete, but it
>still isn't a reference manual. The book's worst feature is its lack of
>an index.

For those people who want an index to CJoHB, they can call Fidonet Node
1:109/327, at 301-891-SUDS (7837) and download TCJOHB.NDX. This file was developed and uploaded by Steve Conklin, to give credit where credit is due.

John "Yes, the work has already been done" DeCarlo

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