From the HBD Archive
From: Mike Sharp <>
Subject: Re: Yeast propogation, culture maintenance, etc
Date: 1992-03-25 13:15:41 GMT

Conn Copas <> writes:
>I read with interest the description of Leistad's book. Could someone give
>me a better idea of how technical it is before I order it ?

This is a _very_ basic book on culturing. In fact, 90-100% of it can be found
by looking through the old HBDs. (not the actual text, rather the technique)
Essentially it covers making media from DME, sterile transfer techniques,
growth on slants/dishes, and the like. All of this one could pick up
in about 15 minutes by asking a friendly bio-lab worker.

> I'm basically
>looking for something which goes beyond the Zymurgy yeast issue and discussions
>of how to streak out cultures. For example, use of diagnostic media to assess
>the identity of contaminants. Microscopy. Media for maintenance as opposed to
>growth. etc.

This is a much more difficult book to find. In fact, I've never found one
that covers everything. For identification you'll probably want to look
at _The_Yeast_ by Lodder & <mumble> Van Rij. Don't expect a little book
though. I also hope you have a professional lab to back you up on this.
(If you need to identify bacteria you should look at _Bergies_(sp?)_
Bacteriology_) As for Microscopy, I was just looking at a book published
by Cambridge Press in 1990 called somthing like _Yeasts:Identification_
and_Classification_ that had photos of what various yeast look like. It
also has information for identification using selective media. Finally,
as far as media descriptions go, the Diffco catalog (Diffco, Detriot, MI)
is about 1000+ pages and lists more than a few differential and general
media, their uses, their component parts, etc.

Good luck. You may quickly find yourself developing a background in
microbiology -- I did.


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