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From: (Scott Murphy)
Subject: apricot beer
Date: 1992-03-25 19:13:30 GMT

I just recently kegged my second batch of beer, and I have noticed
a pattern that seems to be kegging related (small sample size.)

the first batch, a lager, tasted and smelled of apricots. I tasted
it before I kegged it and don't remember it being apricot beer.

My second batch a bitter definitely did not have any apricot smell
or taste watsoever before kegging. AFter kegging, however, it
both smelled and tasted of apricots. In this case the apricots
disappeared after a few minutes.

I don't have anything against apricots, in fact, apricot stout
sounds very good, but in this case I am concerned. Could there be
something in my keggin procedures that cause this?

For the last batch, I dumped the sterilant ( I don't know what brand)
out of the keg and added a couple quarts of boiling H20, sealed the
keg and shook it up. After a couple of minutes, I dumped out the
water and siphoned (carefully) the beer into it, sealed it, and

Any hints?


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