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From: Eric Mintz <ericm@bach.ftcollinsco.NCR.COM>
Subject: Bottles
Date: 1992-03-25 23:28:35 GMT


> I have a question that is burning....

> I have some srew on bottles. A few are the Ballantine Pale Ale
>bottles. Can I use these to bottle when I brew my first batch? Or is
>bottling screw on bottles very iffy? Has anyone done this successfully??


People recommend using returnable bottles because the glass is thicker
and more suitable for withstanding the stress of reuse. Have you ever
bent a wire back and forth until it breaks? That's what happens to
bottles (sort of) when you pressurize and depressurize several times: it
weakens the structure of the glass.

You might get away with using disposables a few times but sooner or
later: kaBlewey!!

- --Eric

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