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From: "Spencer W. Thomas" <>
Subject: Cat's meow 2 redux
Date: 1992-03-26 05:06:46 GMT

Not wanting to waste paper, I figured out how to print my Cat's Meow 2 on
both sides. The procedure I followed was this:

1. Add page numbers to the original .ps file. It needs a line
%%Page: # #
added before the beginning of each page. I.e., before the line
%%PageBoundingBox: (atend)
The token # is replaced with 1, 2, 3, 4, ... for each page in sequence.
(I did this with an emacs macro.) There are 160 pages, so the last
page starts with
%%Page 160 160

2. Use the 'psrev' program (part of Adobe's Transcript package) to select
the odd pages. Due to limitations in the program, I did this in 4
passes, selecting 20 pages at a time (first 1,3,5,...,39, then
41,...,79, and so on). Specify the -R flag so the pages come out in
the correct order.

3. Merge the 4 odd files into one using a text editor: Take the common
prefix (setup) information, followed by all the pages, followed by the
common trailer information.

4. Use the psrev program to select the even pages in reverse order (don't
specify -R). Again, do this in 4 passes (first 122,124,...,160, then
82,84,...,120, and so on).

5. As above, merge the 4 even files into one. Note that the even numbered
pages are in reverse order (start with 160, end with 2).

6. Print the odd pages. My printer feeds out the printed pages face down,
in order, so if you take out the stack of paper and turn it face up,
the first page printed is on top, followed by the second page, etc.

7. Take out the stack of pages, turn it so that (for most printers, at
least) the top edge of the page is pointing "into" the printer,
and put the whole stack back into the paper tray (make sure to
carefully even up the edges all around and "fluff" the stack so that
the pages don't stick together).

Usually, the printed side should be down. You may want to experiment by
printing a single page, putting it back in, and printing it again,
until you get it on both sides, both oriented correctly.

8. If the first page is not at the bottom of the stack, you lose, unless
you have psrev (if the first page is at the top of the stack, you want
to print the even pages in forward order, but step 4 generated them in
reverse order). Print the even pages.

You should now have a nice copy of Cat's Meow 2 printed on both sides,
with no wasted paper.

To save you steps 1-5, I have placed my doctored files in the anonymous
FTP directory on ( in /pub, and

Happy printing.

=Spencer W. Thomas HSITN, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109 313-747-2778

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