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From: (Tom Quinn 5-4291)
Subject: Some Heresies(?!)
Date: 1992-03-26 17:06:31 GMT

Hello fellow brewers,

I had an interesting conversation with a guy I order supplies from often,
and he had some unusual (to me) points to make. Some of the things he said
went against the conventional wisdom expressed here. I'd like to hear if
others share his views, or perhaps get some insight into the basis for his

First of all, he feels strongly that trub is bad (not an uncommon view) and
brewers should be careful to let as much as possible settle out before
racking into a fermenter. However, he feels that copper wort chillers are
a very bad idea, saying that copper will oxidate the hot wort as much as
splashing it around. His recommendation is to gently siphon the hot wort
into a plastic bucket and let cool and settle overnight, then rack off the
settled trub into the fermenter and pitch.

Does anyone else share the view that copper will oxidize hot wort? He says
a stainless steel chiller would do the job nicely. Also, it seems to me
that siphoning the hot wort is also likely to oxidize it. Any comments?

His other claim is that racking to and fermenting in a secondary is
useless, and in fact harmful. The racking will release lots of good CO2 in
suspension in the beer, causing more oxidation and upsetting the yeast(?).
The only time one should rack to a secondary is for a long ( > 1 month)
cool lagering. Otherwise, a single-stage fermentation is sufficient. Does
anyone share this view, or care to dismiss it? Recent discussion about
dry-hopping indicate that lots of people regularly use a secondary.

Personally, I'm going to try some of his ideas and see what differences I
can detect.


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