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Subject: my Hunter AirStat
Date: 1992-03-26 17:24:41 GMT

I've been using my Hunter AirStat to run a bizarre substitute for a
fermentation refrigerator. I've got a bucket (formerly, before I
began using a big glass one, my fermentor) wrapped in insulation.
Near the bottom of one side is a hole and a small plastic hose nozzle.
Tubing runs from there, to a fountain pump, then through a long length
of tubing that sits in an ice chest filled with ice water, and finally
back to the bucket. The fermentation carboy sits in the bucket
surrounded by water that, under direction of the AirStat, is circulated
through the ice water.

This setup seems to work real well. That is, it used to. Last night,
when I came home, I noticed that the display read 88 degrees. I of
course was gripped by panic, and I immediately shut down the pump
thinking that somehow the ice bath had warmed to the point that I was
now effectiely using the pump as an inefficient heater. Not so. The
water bath was quite cold, and fermentation had slowed quite a bit.

When I first put this together, I sealed the temperature probe pretty
thoroughly in silicone sealant. I'm not sure how I could have done a
much better job of that, but I'm also convinced that the probe failed
because of corrosion.

Anyway, be warned. The failure happened spontaneously; the thing was
working fine yesterday morning.

Mike McNally
Digital Equipment Corporation
Western Software Lab

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