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From: smithey@rmtc.Central.Sun.COM (Brian Smithey)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-03-26 18:32:46 GMT

>>>>> On Wed, 25 Mar 92 19:10:02 CST, (George J Fix) said:

George> After the book was off to Brewers Publ., Darryl Richman sent me
George> a remarkable new formula for the a priori prediction of wort
George> color.


George> We sure hope Darryl makes his new software available (it includes
George> a new hop bitter estimation scheme as well).

Any chance that these will be made available for public consumption,
Darryl? Those of us who write our own software or (shudder) calculate
by hand can use all the help we can get.

And I'll second Tony's recommendation of the Fix's new book. It's been
the topic of lunchtime conversation for a couple of days now, and probably
will be again today!

Boy, I miss Noche Buena ...

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Brian Smithey / Sun Microsystems / Colorado Springs, CO

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