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Subject: polish beer
Date: 1992-03-27 18:06:40 GMT

>>Date: Thu, 26 Mar 92 22:04:48 -0500
>>Subject: polish beer

>>Does anyone have any Polish beer recipes?

>>Thank You,

I was in Poland last summer, and drank a fairly large amount of beer.
I believe almost all the beer sold in Poland is of the style Dave
Miller calls "Northern European Pilsner". They frequently will have a
local beer for cheap, and charge a premium for an imported German
beer. (Beck's is common.) The one place I did A-B comparisons, the
German beer was draft, and had noticeable hop aroma; the local beer
was in a bottle and had about the same hop bitterness, and I would
guess Original Gravity, but no hop bitterness.

None of the relatives I visited was a brewer, but they did discuss
(but not demonstrate) some post-brew "recipes" involving adding honey
and hot water.

One of the older relatives that I didn't have a chance to talk with
used to make various distilled liquors (we called them "Uncle Kazik's
hooch") using various fruit and honey as fermentable material. I'm
not aware that he ever made beer. My Grandmother had made fruit
wine's in her adolescence on a Polish Farm, without using fermentation
locks or commercial yeast, or any of the "modern" technology we take
for granted.

There is also a kitchen tradition of making things with fermented rye
bread. My Cousin Barbara (the best cook I visited) made a dish which
combined the fermented rye bread with some kind of organ meat (I don't
remember the details) in a casserole. Of course it was baked, so it
didn't end up being alcoholic. There has been a recent thread here of
kvas recipes, which you might want to look at.


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