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From: vickie <QXN132@URIACC.URI.EDU>
Subject: Brewpot
Date: 1992-03-27 18:49:45 GMT

Relatively recently in the past, someone posted instructions on how to
build a wonderful gadget for brewing. I only got installment #2, and promptly
lost it. Could the person who posted the instructions/designed this wonder ple
ase send me the information? The gadget was set up tp run on natural gas when
heating and was up on legs with a spigot to make removing the contents easier.
It also required lots of welding...
I am asking for this for afriend who would like to build such an item.
She would also like suggestions on how to convert her basement to the perf
ect brewing environment. Sugestionws would be appriciated (such as:should she
use a wine rack to store the bottles or not waste her time and moeny? Is a base
ment a bad place to brew anyway? etc.

vickie (qxn132 at

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