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Subject: June 1989 Digest Index
Date: 1989-09-14 16:55:00 GMT

HOMEBREW Digest #166 Thu 01 June 1989
Boston Ale (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Aluminum pots (Michael Bergman)
Old Faithful (Tom Hotchkiss)
specific gravity measurement problem (GARSKE)
Homebrew Digest #162 (May 28, 1989) (Paul Placeway)

HOMEBREW Digest #167 Fri 02 June 1989
Re: Old Faithful (dw)
Measuring Specific Gravity (pisc2b!jnc)
Heyyo again, temporarily. (mhalley)
Re: Homebrew Digest #160 (May 26, 1989) (David Fudenberg)
Re: Old Faithful (Pete Soper)

HOMEBREW Digest #168 Sat 03 June 1989
Re: Homebrew Digest #165 (May 31, 1989) (Crawford.WBST129)
HB DIG #167: Cleanliness (florianb)
ginger beer (BROWN)

HOMEBREW Digest #169 Tue 06 June 1989
homebrew tuning (Dave Sheehy)
Smelly Beer (Russ Pencin)
Vitamin B's in Homebrew (florianb)
Mega stout eruption (man)
Request addition to homebrew list (Ken Kron)
AHA Convention (Edward C. Bronson)

HOMEBREW Digest #170 Wed 07 June 1989
Almost Old Faithfull (Andre Petit/Hydro-Quebec/QC/Canada 514-652-8060)
Lager vs Steam:an experiment (Jason Goldman)
HB DIG#169 Yeasts, etc (florianb)
Yeasts, Sweeter Beers, Bad Smells, Boom (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x767
Re: specific gravity measurement problem (John D. Polstra)

HOMEBREW Digest #171 Thu 08 June 1989
Re: homebrew tuning [for sweeter beer] (Dr. T. Andrews)
Re: filtering also book recommendations (Michael Eldredge)
special ingredients (Tony Burgess)
Megastout (Robert Virzi)

HOMEBREW Digest #172 Fri 09 June 1989
Re: Yeasts, Sweeter Beers, Bad Smells, Boom (Dr. T. Andrews)
Mega Stout - The Recipe (man)
herbs in beer ("1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES")
Re: "narcotic herb" (a.e.mossberg)
Re: homebrew tuning (John D. Polstra)

HOMEBREW Digest #173 Sat 10 June 1989
Hops, relatives, and REAL beer (BROWN)
herbs in beer (Dick Dunn)
hops and relatives (TEJB0)
Just getting started (Paul A. Ebersman)
Humulus and Siblings (Michael Berry)
Re: Homebrew Digest #172 (June 09, 1989) (Greg Wageman)
herbs in beer ("1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES")
David Line (Pete Soper)
mead (florianb)
Re: Sweet Beers (Mike Fertsch)
Brewing in garbage pails (Where'd all this water come from?)

HOMEBREW Digest #174 Sun 11 June 1989
Re: Brewing in garbage pails (Martin Weinberg)
Interesting Ingredients ("Allen J. Hainer")
Re: lots of stuff in Homebrew #173 (a.e.mossberg)

HOMEBREW Digest #175 Tue 13 June 1989
Growing Hops and Propagating Vines (Dr. T. Andrews)
Brewing in garbage pails (Michael Bergman)
herbs and mead (BROWN)
Getting Started (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Re: Brewing in garbage pails (florianb)

HOMEBREW Digest #176 Wed 14 June 1989
Brewing with Fruit. (bryan)
Mead et al. (Dave Sheehy)
Brew Humor (Steve Anthony)

HOMEBREW Digest #177 Thu 15 June 1989
Re: Dave Barry article in #176 (a.e.mossberg)
Response to items in # 176 (JOHN L. ISENHOUR)
Fruit Beers, Mead and the AHA National Conference (rogerl)
Homebrew Mailing List Circulation (rdg)
bad smell while making lager (Dan Crocker)

HOMEBREW Digest #178 Fri 16 June 1989
Re: Fruit Beers (dw)
Dextrinous Porter (Peter Klausler)
re: bad smell while making lager (Darryl Richman)
Spices in mead (mhalley)
A Page From The Brewing Journal (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)

HOMEBREW Digest #179 Sat 17 June 1989
Texas Homebrewing is again Legal (sort of) (jmellby)

HOMEBREW Digest #180 Sun 18 June 1989
HBU and sanitation (iwtio!korz)

HOMEBREW Digest #181 Mon 19 June 1989
Temperatures higher than 70 F ("Where'd all this water come from?")

HOMEBREW Digest #182 Wed 21 June 1989
Re: High Temperature Fermentation (JOHN L. ISENHOUR)
specific gravity problems, over-carbonation ("1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES")

HOMEBREW Digest #183 Thu 22 June 1989
AHA National Conference and Competition (Mike Fertsch)
Wine Yeast for Imperial Stout? (pbmoss!mal)
Missing Digests (pbmoss!mal)

HOMEBREW Digest #184 Fri 23 June 1989
Beginning mashing & water filters (man)
Wanted: wheat beer recipes (Alex M. Stein)
Thanks! (pbmoss!mal)
Label Images Wanted (John S. Watson)
Canadian homebrew laws? (davet)
Interesting Ingredients ("Allen J. Hainer")

HOMEBREW Digest #185 Sat 24 June 1989
pyment recipe (BROWN)
removing labels (iwtio!korz)
Wheat Beers ("Lance "Bits B We" Smith")

HOMEBREW Digest #186 Mon 26 June 1989
Re: Beginning mashing & water filters (Dr. T. Andrews)
Re: Homebrew Digest #185 (June 24, 1989) (Darryl Richman)

HOMEBREW Digest #187 Tue 27 June 1989
Siphoning (florianb)
Precipitate in wort. (Richard Hargan)
Cyser (dw)

HOMEBREW Digest #188 Wed 28 June 1989
Digest 186 (M Nevar)
Re: Siphoning (From: (ferguson ct 71
Re: Siphoning (Jeremy Cook)
RE: Siphoning (Gordon Hester)
re: Siphoning (Darryl Richman)
re: Precipitate in wort. (Darryl Richman)
siphoning & canning wort (Pete Soper)
Re: single-step infusion method (Paul Close)
siphon starting (utah-cs!att!ttrdf!frank)
Homebrew Kits From Around The World (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)

HOMEBREW Digest #189 Thu 29 June 1989
food-grade bleach (Marty Albini)
Sterilizing Agents (pbmoss!mal)
Yet Another Siphon Start Method (Eric Durbin)
cyser/melomel (mhalley)
Starting the siphon (bryan)
Siphoning-thank you, and bleach sterilizing (florianb)
Help on email/surface mail (mhalley)
Hop aromatic data and request for Kirin II hops (JOHN L. ISENHOUR)
Questions on Ice, Plactic liners, proper airspace. ("Christian A. Ramsburg")
programmable thermostats, whirlpooling ("1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES")
RE: Homebrew Digest #186 (June 26, 1989) ("Dr. Williams")

HOMEBREW Digest #190 Fri 30 June 1989
Yellow Dog Malt Extract Arrived Today (Dr. T. Andrews)
RE: Homebrew Digest #189 (June 29, 1989) (")
Re:Sterilizing (Brian Bacskai)
Re: Questions etc, proper airspace (Pete Soper)
Re: hop aging (Gordon Hester)
re: whirlpooling (Darryl Richman)

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