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From: (The Rider)
Subject: Re: comments to Jack
Date: 1992-03-27 21:45:27 GMT

> >The section on malting was not necessary.....
> That is a strange comment, considering that the poster was looking for
> information on doing his own malting.

I'm speaking of the video in general, as an intro to homebrewing for
newbies. Generally, people don't want to start by malting. And since
there's no discussion of mashing, there's no point in showing people how to
malt. This would be a good thing to put into your mashing video, if you
haven't already. For beginners, tho, a discussion of the process would
suffice to give them general background info and spark some interest. See
what I mean?

> > and that guy at Baderbraeu (who can't pronounce the name
> of his own brewery) had better be paying you big bucks for the
> advertisement. *grin*
> I had to settle for a case of beer.

Hm... a keg should have been more appropriate ;*)

> BTW, I am not sure what he is mis-pronouncing but it is named after his sugar
> daddy, a Mr Bader.

Well... I was mostly referring the the 'braeu'. It's pronounced 'broy' just
like the name 'Roy'.

- --
Michael Fetzer
Internet: uucp: ...!ucsd!mfetzer

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