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From: (Alan Edwards)
Subject: hop vines: vertical or horizontal?
Date: 1992-03-27 22:14:50 GMT

Hello fellow Brewpeoples.

David Van Iderstine mentioned in HBD #851 that hops should be trained
sideways, and not up. This has raised a good question. It seems to be
conventional wisdom that they should be trained straight up--about 20
feet up in fact. Maybe the big-time hop farmers only do this to save
space and grow more hops per acre. Maybe they would indeed grow better
if they were trained horizontally. Maybe it doesn't matter, as long as
they get plenty of sun.

Enter the HOMEBREW digest, a wealth of experience.

First, has anyone tried growing hops BOTH ways, and found one way produces
a higher yield? (Hmm, I thought not.) OK, does anyone know of a friend
(in the same general geographic location) who grows it differently than
you do? How does your yield compare with your friends'?

I've just planted my hops, and am NOT looking forward to (read: dreading)
buying a BIG ladder; buying 20' poles; standing them in the ground;
stringing cable and twine; and trying to harvest hops that are growing
straight up 16 feet or so.

The idea of sending them up 6 feet or so and then over to the eves on my
roof sounds MUCH easier. And, it would provide a wonderful shade for my
back yard. It would probably look pretty cool too. Does anyone grow
them in this way? How big is your yield (or is that a personal question)?

I would appreciate any informed comments or stories from experience
(please, no speculation--we have enough of that in this forum).

Thanks a heap,
-Alan L. Edwards
(A.L.E.--I was born to brew!)

| Alan Edwards: | Member: The Hoppy Cappers
| or: | homebrew club, Modesto, CA

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