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Subject: July 1989 Digest Index
Date: 1989-09-14 15:34:00 GMT

HOMEBREW Digest #191 Sat 01 July 1989
Potential Happiness and Aging (JOHN L. ISENHOUR)
Ullage; casks (pbmoss!mal)
Crystal And Wheat (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)

HOMEBREW Digest #192 Sun 02 July 1989
How reliable is Papiazan, and where is he not to be trusted? ("Paranoia means
RE: Homebrew Digest #188 (June 28, 1989) (Yeast may safely graze)

HOMEBREW Digest #193 Mon 03 July 1989
Re: cleaning up your act.... (blumenthal @ home with the armadillos)

HOMEBREW Digest #194 Tue 04 July 1989
Re: Homebrew Digest #191 (July 01, 1989) (Paul Perlmutter)
Bleach, etc. (ROSS)
disinfectants ("1107-CD&I/VIRUS DISEASES")
Brewing Odds and Ends... ("Lance "Satchmo" Smith")

HOMEBREW Digest #195 Thu 06 July 1989
Cleanliness [long message] (Steve Anthony)
Re: Using crystal malt and other grains (Gordon Hester)
Kegging info wanted (Edward A Estes +1 312 982 3969)
Homebrew Digest #192 (July 02, 1989) (ferguson ct 71078)
Bottle filling methods (Kenneth Kron)

HOMEBREW Digest #196 Fri 07 July 1989
Re: Using crystal malt and other grains (dw)
Re: Homebrew Digest #195 (July 06, 1989) (Gordon Hester)
HB.DIG#195-Relaxation, sanitization, success, and crystal. (florianb)
Crystal Malt (iwtio!korz)
(Darryl Richman)
Sanitizing And Crushing (pri=8 Marc San Soucie ms 019-890 x76723)
Excess fermentation and bad beer (Erik Asphaug)

HOMEBREW Digest #197 Sat 08 July 1989
Crushing Malts and Grains (Stanley Dunn)
Re: Charlie Papazian's Science (Mike Fertsch)
grain crushing (iwtio!korz)
RE: Homebrew Digest #196 (July 07, 1989)
("Paranoia means never having to say you're surprised.")

HOMEBREW Digest #198 Tue 11 July 1989
Roto-Keg, Martin (David Carter)
Freezing yeast cultures (Richard Hargan)

HOMEBREW Digest #199 Wed 12 July 1989
Homebrew Digest #196 (July 07, 1989) (ferguson ct 71078)
Yeast (David Baer)
Potential contamination problem; comment invited ("FEINSTEIN, CHERYL")
This just in .... (Steve Anthony)
Needed: Recipe for sake (gateh)
source of kegging and brewing equipment (Steve Conklin)

HOMEBREW Digest #200 Thu 13 July 1989
Under-Pitching: Why You Should Not Have to Do It (Dr. T. Andrews)
Re: Homebrew Digest #199 (July 12, 1989) (Paul Perlmutter)
Cherry beers (ROSS)
Quarter barrels. (Tom Hotchkiss)
Nitrosamines (florianb)
rootbeer (Marty Albini)
Cambridge (England) (Martin D. Weinberg)
Brewing Equipment (man)
Priming Draft Beer (Dave Suurballe)
Kegging Headspace (KDISEN01)

HOMEBREW Digest #201 Fri 14 July 1989
beer anecdote (Steve Conklin)
Wort Chillers (Mike Fertsch)
RE: 1. Slow yeast 2. White scum (Roger Rose)
RE:194,198,199 (JOHN L. ISENHOUR)
RE: Sake Recipe ("MR. DAVID HABERMAN")
My beer tastes like wine! (Paul Close)

HOMEBREW Digest #202 Sat 15 July 1989
Nomenclature (Kenneth Kron)
HB.DIG #201--breweries in Oregon (florianb)
HB.DIG #201--Re: "my homebrew tastes like wine!" (florianb)
beer -> wine (iwtio!korz)
Re: Seattle brewpubs? (Gordon Hester)
Re: My beer tastes like wine! (dw)
Interesting Ingredients ("Allen J. Hainer")

HOMEBREW Digest #203 Tue 18 July 1989
Re: Corn sugar cidery? (a.e.mossberg)
Grapvine Brewery Anniversary ("MISVX1::HABERMAND")
Reynolds Aluminum Tapper ("MR. DAVID HABERMAN")
DRY!!! and, Aging (pbmoss!mal)

HOMEBREW Digest #204 Wed 19 July 1989
Re: Reynolds Aluminum Tapper (dw)
Re: Corn sugar cidery? (John D. Polstra)
Lager question (florianb)
Re: cidery taste and " DRY!!! and, Aging" (florianb)

HOMEBREW Digest #205 Thu 20 July 1989
Homebrew Digest #204 (July 19, 1989) (ferguson ct 71078)
Re: Lager question (John D. Polstra)
Bottling in 2 Liter Pop Bottles (ferguson ct 71078)
Wanted: Cider Clues/Recipes (Brian Atkins)

HOMEBREW Digest #206 Fri 21 July 1989
Champagne Bottles (Steve Anthony)
2 liter soda bottles (Ihor W. Slabicky)
Kit Yeasts - Who Makes Them? (Marc San Soucie)
Bye bye (Peter Klausler)
which cider you on? (Dick Dunn)
lager, plastic, cider (Donald P Perley)
about two-liter bottles (MANSFIEL)
Re: Re: Lager question (florianb)
bigger bottles (Dick Dunn)

HOMEBREW Digest #207 Sat 22 July 1989
Aging in wood (Bruce Buck)
Ooops! (Michael Bergman)
Homebrew Digest #206 (July 21, 1989) (ferguson ct 71078)
Re: cider (dw)

HOMEBREW Digest #208 Sun 23 July 1989
on using returnable soda bottles (blumenthal @ home with the armadillos)

HOMEBREW Digest #209 Mon 24 July 1989
cider (Donald P Perley)

HOMEBREW Digest #210 Tue 25 July 1989
Re: Aging in wood (Jerry Burch)
cider (long) (florianb)
Plastic Seltzer Bottles ("MR. DAVID HABERMAN")

HOMEBREW Digest #211 Wed 26 July 1989
Ageing in wood (ROSS)
200 gallon batches ("Allen J. Hainer")
John Courage, grain bags, brewpubs, etc... (Dave Sheehy)
Mailing homebrew (or taking it on a plane) (Alex M. Stein)

HOMEBREW Digest #212 Thu 27 July 1989
John Courage, mailing beer (gateh)
Malting Barley (Mike Fertsch)
Shippping beer (Mike Fertsch)
yeast (Jason Goldman)
Award winners - Extract vs. Grain (Mike Fertsch)
First time brew (JDK)
re: John Courage (Darryl Richman)
re: dry v. liquid yeasts (was 200 gallons) (Darryl Richman)
re: 200 gallon batches (Darryl Richman)
re: Malting your own barley (Darryl Richman)
Re: 200 gallon batches (dw)
Re: Mailing homebrew (or taking it on a plane) (dw)

HOMEBREW Digest #213 Fri 28 July 1989
Shipping beer (John D. Polstra)
Using grain (Drew) Lynch <>

HOMEBREW Digest #214 Sat 29 July 1989
Wood Beer (Tom Hotchkiss)
Beer rating scales (Robert Virzi)
Why not to boil grains (Michael Berry)
various (florianb)
Correction to prior posting (Gary Benson)
Polstra, Lager, Steam Beer (Gary Benson)

HOMEBREW Digest #215 Sun 30 July 1989
Re: Why not to boil grains (Dr. T. Andrews)
Yellow Dog (Dr. T. Andrews)

HOMEBREW Digest #216 Mon 31 July 1989
Question about brands of dry yeast (Gordon Hester)

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