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From: (volkerding patrick)
Subject: Bottle test
Date: 1992-03-28 06:44:42 GMT

I have a friend who loans me a digital scale from time to time so I can
weigh my hops out to the nearest .01 g :^) While I was was doing this, I
happened to glance over at the ol' bottle collection and decided to
throw a few samples on the scale to see if I could maybe figure out
which bottles have more glass, and presumably, would be less likely to
fail with repeated refillings.

Now granted, there are other variables involved here, for instance, the
shape of the bottle could account for more difference in strength than the
amount of glass, but I thought you people might find the results
interesting. Here they are:

337g The Winner! :^) The heaviest bottle I could find: Cerveza

318g Returnable longlecks from most major breweries. (tested: Bud,
Leinenkugel's, Huber. All were within 2g of this weight)

292g Celebrator Dopplebock
276g Bass
274g Young's
263g Samuel Adams
262g Pinkus Homebrew (11.2 oz. bottle)
259g Any Pete's or Schell no-refill but _not_ twist-off
256g Watney's Red Barrel and Cream Stout
255g Red Tail Ale twist-off
218g Anchor
215g IBC Root Beer
213g Any Pete's, Schell, James Page, twist-off longneck
211g Heineken Dark
203g Guiness Extra Stout (the lightest 12 oz. bottle in the collection)

take care,
-- Pat

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