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From: (Sterling Udell)
Subject: fish
Date: 1992-03-30 14:29:06 GMT

QXN132@URIACC.URI.EDU (Vickie) writes:

> Relatively recently in the past, someone posted instructions on how to
>build a wonderful gadget for brewing. I only got installment #2, and promptly
>lost it. Could the person who posted the instructions/designed this wonder ple
>ase send me the information? The gadget was set up tp run on natural gas when
>heating and was up on legs with a spigot to make removing the contents easier.
> It also required lots of welding...

This reminds me of a couple of things that I was going to ask
this august body :) when I got time, which I now seem to . . . While
visiting my brother in Key West recently, we held a fish fry (with
plenty of homebrew too, o'course). I had never done a large-scale
outdoor fish fry before, but my brother pointed out that the deep fat
frier setup would be _perfect_ for boiling wort. I immediately

For those of you who haven't seen one of these beauties, it
consists of a big metal tripod with a _large_ propane burner and a pot
platform on top. I assume you'd want to use a regular brewpot instead
of the frier on top, but it seemed like the unit itself would need no
modification. It could also probably be easily modded to run off
natural gas, but since the great wilderness of central Maine (and Key
West, for that matter) uses propane for everything, I see no such

For those of you who _have_ seen one of these beauties, has
any of you ever tried one for boiling wort? I don't recall if I
heard how much it cost, but it seems at least worth looking into. Any
experience, or am I going to have to rush out and buy one of these
myself? Purely in the name of research, of course. :)

One other thing. While in Key West I saw a number of
salt-water aquariums, and a common piece of equipment for them was a
combination thermometer/hydrometer. Didn't measure in degrees Balling
or potential alcohol %age, of course - just specific gravity - but
that's good enough for me. The convenience of both hydrometer and
thermometer in one handy package is quite enticing; this _is_
something I think I'll go out and buy as soon as I have a chance to
scour the pet stores, but I'd like to ask the HBD again: has anyone
used one before?

- --
Sterling Udell (, sterling@gandalf.bitnet)
Big Dog Brewing Cooperative - Eastern Division
"Carpe Pisces!"
- David Smith

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