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From: polstra!norm@uunet.UU.NET (Norm Hardy)
Subject: Training Hops and Munich Bierstubes
Date: 1992-03-30 16:51:14 GMT

Where does one go to drink beer in Munich? Anywhere one wants....
Think of it as heaven, beer heaven, and take your sweet eternal time to
explore the many different beers available on tap (vom fass).

Hops: my 3 varieties are up, with the 2 Cascades being 2 feet high already.
Last year I tried training the Hallertauers to go horizontally, sort of
helping out every time they were ready for the next string. It took more
time and care but the harvest was easier, although not much.

The pros go vertical primarily because of space and the nature of the vines
to head that way. A mechanized picker does the dirty work later. Obviously
they can't worry about each and very pole.

On my Cascades and Herzbruchers I use a trellis which is 9 feet off the
ground. After making the climb up to the top, the vines meander over and
through the cross-hatched twine. Harvest is easy as I just cut the twine
until it all falls down.

Finally, I have found that twine is easiest for the hops to cling to and
climb up. The wood poles were too thick and caused some hop vines to get
knocked off by wind or rain.

Norm Hardy (in Seattle)

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