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Subject: using your yeast cake
Date: 1992-03-30 19:38:23 GMT

If, like me, you don't always have the time and energy to brew up a
batch of wort just in time to pitch over a yeast cake from a previous
batch, here's an idea I've been trying. Go to your local "natural foods"
store (or Trader Joe's) and buy 5 gallons of unfiltered unpreserved
apple juice. Chill at least a couple of the bottles, then pour it all
over your yeast cake after racking off some just-finished beer. Add
some honey dissolved in real hot (like just boiled) water and let it
go. Your yeast will be ECSTATIC, and you'll end up with an acceptable
hard cider ready for those whiners who show up and don't want to drink
your homebrew; the cider will surprise them both with its taste and its
sneaky strength.

Just a thought!

Mike McNally
Digital Equipment Corporation
Western Software Lab

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