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From: Bob Jones <>
Subject: Haze info from Micah Millspaw
Date: 1992-03-30 20:37:00 GMT

Since there has been a lot of discussion about haze I'll tell what I
know. This is a paragraph from a paper I'm working on about a related
topic, this info may be somewhat confusing and hopefully thought provoking.

It is known that oxidation plays an important part in the formation
of protein haze and that melanoidins function as anti-oxidants and prevent
the oxidation of protein. Oxidation also plays an important part in the
production of colloidal haze, hence the name "oxidation haze", first coined
by Helm. Moreover, the formation of chill haze is also considerably
increased by oxidation. Oxidation of melanoidins and reductones will result
in a lower content of stable colloids. Unstable colloids promote chill haze
and permenent haze in beer. Stable colloids prevent chill haze. Permanent
haze is the end product of chill haze. If you get chill haze permanent haze
will follow in time . The stability of beer colloids is the result of
a very complex equilibrium, and the whole problem of colloidal haze
formation is difficult. A better understanding the problem will show it
possible to take some steps to limit its effects in the finished beer.

Also I've read George Fix's new book Vienna. I like it because
it has vindicated my atempts at the style, when I get the authentic
ingredients suggested by Fix ( already ordered) I hope to have these
beers nailed down. One bad thing though, the book is full of typos, a
failing common to all Brewers Publications books and Zymurgy and New

Micah Millspaw 3/30/92

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