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Subject: Aquarium thermometers/hydrometers -- NOT!
Date: 1992-03-31 14:09:00 GMT (Sterling Udell) writes:
> ... One other thing. While in Key West I saw a number of
> salt-water aquariums, and a common piece of equipment for them was a
> combination thermometer/hydrometer. Didn't measure in degrees Balling
> or potential alcohol %age, of course - just specific gravity - but
> that's good enough for me. The convenience of both hydrometer and
> thermometer in one handy package is quite enticing; this _is_
> something I think I'll go out and buy as soon as I have a chance to
> scour the pet stores, but I'd like to ask the HBD again: has anyone
> used one before?

The normal range of specific gravities for marine aquaria is about 1.020
to 1.024, so I doubt the hydrometer you saw will have a range useful for
brewing. I also don't think the thermometer would have a range much
more than 65 to 95 degrees fahrenheit (typical fish-keeping temps).

-- Keith

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