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From: (Jack Schmidling)
Subject: Rehydrating Yeast
Date: 1992-03-31 13:48:00 GMT

To: Homebrew Digest
Fm: Jack Schmidling

Another MOMILY bites the dust?

I had routinely rehydrated yeast with a small amount of wort for years but
recently switched to water on the advice of "experts". Not one to take
advice without a pinch of salt, I tried it and was so impressed with the
vigorous foaming of EDME in water that I assumed that the dryed product must
contain a nutrient and henceforth, rehydrated in water.

In my current life as a yeast culturing microbiologist, I noted that when I
started a culture of EDME in water, the cells in a water solution showed no
signs of reproduction even 24 hours later, in spite of the successful growth
on the petri medium and slant.

I then started a culture in wort and found that at least 50% of the cells
were in bud 24 hours later. It was now 48 hrs for the water culture and I
was able to find only a few random cells that looked like they might be

I do not know what the logic or reason is for rehydrating in water but it is
clear that the time spent in this condition is not producing new yeast and it
is hard to believe that yeast treated in this way is somehow capapable of
producing better beer than yeast that is encouraged to actively reproduce.
It's sort of like drinking tea and singing hymns at a bachelor party.


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