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From: Frank Tutzauer <>
Subject: VMS conversion of UNIX files--summary
Date: 1992-03-31 14:53:00 GMT

Well, thanks to everyone who responded to my post about vms conversion
of unix files in general and the Cat's Meow II in particular. There
were far too many helpful responses for me to respond invidually, but
I really do appreciate everyone's helpfulness. Just so we'll have it
written down in one place, and also because I've noticed a few more
people asking how, I'll post this summary of the responses I received.

First, it is possible to get plain ASCII files and uncompressed postscript
files. Many kind souls offered to send them to me, but they are also
available via ftp from NETLIB@MTHVAX.CS.MIAMI.EDU and from
GARBO.UWASA.FI ( I haven't tried GARBO, but NETLIB has
an upper limit on what they'll send you and I must have exceeded it
because it chokes when I try to get CAT II (which, afterall, is a pretty
big file). I got CAT I a long time ago (in pieces).

Second, some VMS's will recognize a thing called DECOMP which will
decompress UNIX files straight away or will put them in a form that
they can be UUDECODED. I couldn't get my system to recognize the
command (but it's probably my fault).

Third, there is a utility called LZCOMPRESS.SHARE available from
OAK.OAKLAND.EDU in the pub/misc/vaxvms directory. There are other
vms goodies there too. Also, a range of LZxx utilities are hanging
around on DECUS tapes, whatever they are.

Fourth, for Mac users, you can get MacCompress and UUdecode from

Finally, COMPRESS_VMS.EXE is available from TUCANA.TUC.NOAO.EDU and
from DECWRL. I lost (never had?) the internet for DECWRL, but I
think it's something like DECWRL.ENET.DEC.COM. Anyway, COMPRESS_VMS.EXE
is the route I went, and I got it from TUCANA. Worked like a charm.
Just make sure you set up the symbol:
UNCOMPRESS :== $[your dir]compress_vms.exe uncompress
and make sure that the file you are uncompressing has the extension
xx_z, where xx is, I believe, anything as long as it doesn't make the
extension illegal. The important part is the _z, or uncompress won't
recognize the file.

Again thanks to everyone for making it easier for a VMS user to get along
in a UNIX world.

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