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From: (Bryan Gros)
Subject: Wort Chilling
Date: 1992-03-31 18:52:17 GMT

I asked last week on how to make a wort chiller and got many
useful replies. Thanks a lot.

Here is what I did. It took a couple of hours on Saturday, mostly
sitting there and thinking too much before I actually decided to
bend the copper.

I had 50' of tubing, and used a plant pot to coil it into about a
ten inch coil. The coiling went well, and I coiled about three
quarters of the copper. I decided to make a smaller, inner coil
with the remaining tubing, since the big coil so far was pretty
tall. I then realized that I shoula made the small coil first.
Oh well. I used a wine bottle to make the inner coil, and left
the bare ends rising out of the pot. The outer coil flexes a lot,
like a slinky, but the inner coil is pretty rigid.
I decided I didn't want hose fitting on my kitchen sink, and since
the plastic racking tube i had was 3/8" I.D., it fit right on the
copper ends. I went to the hardware store and put about four
fitting together to go from a sink to a 3/8" hose fitting ($6),I
got two clamps to keep the plastic on the copper($1.50), and
a short piece of tougher plastic tubing ($1.40) for the hot
outflow. I used it to cool 3.5 gallons of boiling water and it
was down to 25C in ten minutes.

So how do I use it on wort? I cool the wort after boiling, and
let the cold break settle, right? So do I pitch the yeast starter,
wait an hour or so for the settling, and then rack to the carboy?
Do I just wait and don't pitch till the wort is in the carboy?

- Bryan

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