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From: (The Rider)
Subject: Re: Off to Deuchtland.
Date: 1992-03-31 20:19:05 GMT

>Date: 27 Mar 1992 13:57:04 -0500
>From: Chris McDermott <>
>Subject: Off to Deuchtland.
> Off to Deuchtland.
>I am going to Munich for a week soon, and I was wondering if anyone could gives
>some suggestions as to some beir related places to check out. Of course I mean
>besides the obvious places like the Haufbrauhouse. Thanks in advance.
> Chris McDermott, [homebrew, not just for breakfast anymore]
> <>

Oh, Chris, Chris, Chris, I'm crying... for one, they may give you an exam
before they let you enter the country, and that'll be to spell it.
Deutschland. But worse than that, you'll be sorely disappointed when you
hit that obvious place, the Hofbr*aeu*haus. You'll find no Germans inside.
Mostly American and Japanese tourists, by the busload, and Italian,
Turkish, what have you waiters. Can you say *touristtrap*?

My recommendation is to hit small pubs in small towns. Sample the local
breweries, you can get Paulaner in all of southern Germany, so try
something local. Be aware that northern German beers are hoppy, bitter.
Southern German malty, sweet. Tons of small breweries in towns are still
independent and brew according to local styles. Try a 'Radler' sometime. :)


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Michael Fetzer
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