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From: bobc@Sun.COM (Bob Clark - Sun Engineering)
Subject: Re: Wort Chiller
Date: 1989-09-15 18:55:38 GMT

> Jim Kipps asks about wort chillers, buy/build, etc.

My brewing buds & I bought a wort chiller from the local shop for
~$45. I priced the components first, and had a hard time finding
the proper fittings to go from small diameter copper to hose fittings.
That aside, the price for 50 ft. copper tubing was in the area of $30,
so we were getting to be in the same ballpark, anyway, although I'm
guessing that there is actually half that length in the one we bought.

I wanted to comment that I prefer the hose fittings to faucet fittings.
I run a hose into the kitchen for the supply side, and I run the outlet
to a sprinkler in the yard. In the SF bay area, water use is an issue,
so it's nice to be able to not waste the water used in the chiller.

Finally, we are big proponents of the chiller - we feel that it greatly
reduces exposure to contamination due to reduced chilling time, increases
reproducability, and enhances the effect of aromatic hops. The last is due
to the reduced amount of time which the hops goodies spend at an elevated

Bob Clark

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