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From: (George J Fix)
Subject: unknown
Date: 1992-03-31 23:55:01 GMT

Subject: Esters and typos (George Fix)
>I also assume that the yeast does more than create the alcohol,
>rather the reaction between the alcohol and acid takes in the
>yeast cell wall (George? Help?)

Al, you need very little help from me. Your comments about esters
seemed both accurate and informative. I presented data from HPLC
studies a few years ago in a AHA national meeting which confirms
your comments. This data was published in Vol. 7 of BEER and BREWING.

Micah is right about the typos in the book with my wife. Fortunately
the numerical entries in the recipes are ok, as are the hop calculations.
There is one major screemer in Chapter 3. It occurs at the bottom of page 45.
It reads

6 1/3
-------- = 3 1/3 barrels

It should read

6 2/3
-------- = 3 1/3 gallons

There are a number of mangled words. Contrary to what is seen on page vii,
Laurie does not execute people for a living. There will be a second printing
so we would be gratiful for any comments and corrections.

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