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From: (A.D. Williams)
Subject: Bottle Fermenting Temps
Date: 1992-03-31 23:43:33 GMT

Last Saturday a friend and I brewed some beer, and it's fermenting
away in a bucket in the kitchen. Next Saturday we will bottle it and
let it ferment some more. Since this is my second batch of beer (everyone
say 'ooooh'! :-) ) I've still got a few questions:

1) What tempurature should I store the bottles when the beer is fermenting
in them? Last time I put some in the fridge, some in a closet (room
tempurature). The ones in the fridge tasted better, but on the other
hand I made quite a few mistakes with the last batch (boiled for only
15 minutes, put way too much corn sugar in it - 1 and 1/2 cups), so
perhaps putting it in the fridge gave it some saving grace.

2) Since this was the first time I boiled the mixure for a whole hour,
I noticed that at the last fifteen minutes or so, the mixure changed
composition and foamed up a bit. Is this the usual thing to happen?

My recipie was simple, 1 can of amber light extract, 3 pounds - 1 cup
of light malt extract, and 1/2 ounce of fuggles at 60, 15, and 5 minutes
of boil time. I plan to use the 1 cup of malt extract for priming.

Thanks all for any help. This newsgroup is the best thing that happened
to my new found hobby!


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