From the HBD Archive
From: (Chris Shenton)
Subject: protein rest a necessity?
Date: 1992-04-01 13:27:02 GMT

In HBD 853 Al Korzonis wrote:

> Using less-modified malt (such as Lager malt) would
> require a protein rest.

To which Mike McNally <> responded:

> Well, I used to believe this, but now I wonder. According to many
> sources, most commercial breweries use a single-step infusion. I've
> done this myself, and have had no problems at all. No haze, no excessive
> trub, nothing.

Being a lazy slug, I usually opt for something which maximizes the
quality/effort ratio. I've almost always done single-step mashes
(cooler with false bottom) and none have had hazes or excessive trub.
I've used pale (English and US), Klages, Wheat, etc... My brew club
seems to think highly of my beers, as do my thirsty neighbors :-)

My brew-partner,, claims to get better
extract efficiency and a quicker clearing of the sparge by doing a
stove-top step-mash, then dumping into the slotted cooler to settle
and sparge. I haven't run the numbers on my own procedure to compare.

I too have been confused and intimidated by the books and the repeated
insistence on step-mashes, but the Simple Mash (TM :-) works well for
me. Just another data point....

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