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From: (Randy Johnson)
Subject: Leinenkugel tours
Date: 1992-04-01 05:10:02 GMT

Subject: Leinenkugel's tours

Greg Roody wants to know about tours at Leinenkugel's in Chippewa Falls,

First, Greg, notice the spellings of both Leinenkugel's and Chippewa.
I know something about them since I work for Cray Research in Eagan, MN
and often go to Chippewa Falls where the supercomputers are manufactured.
I'm guessing you're with DEC and will be at Cray for the month.

Leinenkugel's is a German name and Chippewa is a bastardized spelling and
pronunciation of the Ojibwa Indian tribe.

I took my homebrew group from Red Wing, MN on a tour of the brewery a few
years ago and I recall that tours don't start until May. They do, however,
have a little hospitality shop there with shirts, etc., but no samples,
unfortunately. Call directory assistance for their number (AC 715).

If you get to tour, it is sort of interesting, because, even though they
are now part of Miller, they are still kept SMALL. The brewmaster was
funny and very charming. I remember crawling over hoses and up steep
steps. We saw the whole thing and when done sampled fresh, unpasteurized
beers he had put in his office freezer before we toured. Everyone that
works in the brewery seems to be happy, short, stout and has a big belly.

Chippewa Falls is NOT cosmopolitan, so don't expect big city thrills.
Residents there enjoy the outdoors (hunting, fishing, etc.). There is an
interesting park across from the brewery you might like to see. And of
course, every bar in town serves Leinie's (reg., light, and Limited).

Oh, and watch out for the one-way streets - they're killers. For more
excitement, go to Eau Claire or watch TV.

Randy Johnson (

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