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From: Douglas Allen Luce <>
Subject: Re: Rehydrating Yeast
Date: 1992-04-01 15:29:10 GMT

Excerpts from internet.homebrew-beer: 31-Mar-92 Rehydrating Yeast Jack (1357)
> I had routinely rehydrated yeast with a small amount of wort for years but
recently switched to water on the advice of "experts".
> I do not know what the logic or reason is for rehydrating in water but it is
> clear that the time spent in this condition is not producing new yeast and it
> is hard to believe that yeast treated in this way is somehow capapable of
> producing better beer than yeast that is encouraged to actively reproduce.
> It's sort of like drinking tea and singing hymns at a bachelor party.

maybe some of us bachelors enjoy drinking tea and singing hymns!

i rehydrate my dry yeast in a little bit of warm water in a coffee mug,
and stir the thing up with a fork till there's no clumps left. then i
dump it into the carboy. total time for process: 2-3 minutes.

i figure it's done to prevent the yeast from clumping up (and not having
some of it work).

you might be trying to start your yeast, rather than merely hydrate it!

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