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Subject: re: U.S. brown sugar and molasses
Date: 1992-04-01 16:11:04 GMT

I was interested in Carl West's comment on U.S. brown sugar --
specifically that some (most?) of it is manufactured by adding molasses back
to refined white sugar. This might explain the taste of the last bitter that
I had made.

I based an all-grain bitter on some of the recipes from one of Dave
Line's books. Not wanting to spend the money for demerara sugar, I went with
common brown sugar. The recipe also called for 1/8 of a cup of unsulphured
molasses for a 5 gallon batch (I do understand that molasses should be used
sparingly) Anyway, the brew came out rather nicely (IMHO) but tasters did ob-
serve that it had a distinctive molasses note -- not objectionable but defi-
nitely there. The brew did NOT have any sulfur odors or tastes.

S-O-O-O, the question is: RDoes anyone have any further detail on the
RcompositionS of U.S. brown sugar?S I could obviously just eliminate or
reduce the molasses addition, BUT it sure would be nice to know...


- Paul -

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