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From: matth@bedford.progress.COM
Subject: "Real" homebrewers
Date: 1992-04-01 16:06:44 GMT

Fred Condo Sez:


That he just switched to all grain from extract and felt it was a painless

In reply to this, Arf Sez:

"Congratulations! Welcome to the club of real homebrewers."

To This I say:

Jack, your attitude bit is stuck. Just because someone doesn't do all grain
doesn't mean they aren't "real" homebrewers. It's like a 'C' programmer telling
an ADA programmer 'You`re not a real programmer because you don't use C'.
Many people don't have the time, money, or desire to go all grain. (Right now
I don't have the time, and it *is* more time consuming).

Enough said.


Matthew J. Harper ! Progress Software Corp. ! {disclaimer.i}
God created heaven and earth to grow barley and hops. Now he homebrews !-)

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