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From: (dave ballard)
Subject: hops in nj (sort of)
Date: 1992-04-01 18:04:00 GMT

A friend of mine brought me an article on hops from a magazine
called "The Herb Companion." The article is great, but it's too
long to post, sorry. Anyway, listed at the end are sources for
hop seeds, vines, and cuttings (rhizomes). There's a place in Port
Murray, New Jersey listed called the Well-Sweep Herb Farm. I was
pretty psyched since I live about a 1/2 hour away from there. I gave
them a call and spoke with a very nice but clueless woman who said
that they do carry rhizomes for $6 ea. When I asked what kind they
carry she said "the kind that grow in New Jersey." Hmmm. I asked
if they were used for brewing and cooking (as opposed to decoration or
something) and she said they're excellent for beer. I also asked if she
could give me a hint as to what variety they're close to, but she said
she didn't know hops (I had figured that part out already).

Does anyone know what types of hops are indigenous to NJ? They sound
interesting but are a little (actually a lot) pricey. If you're
interested and want to call yourself, the place is:

The Well-Sweep Herb Farm
317 Mt. Bethel Rd.
Port Murray, NJ 07865


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