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From: whg@tellab5.tellabs.COM (Walter H. Gude)
Subject: Re: Rehydrating Yeast
Date: 1992-04-01 21:00:11 GMT

In Digest #854, JS comments that after rehydrating his EDME yeast in water
he sees no budding in 24 hrs, however in wort he sees budding. I think that
the rational for rehydrating in water runs along the follwing lines.

The yeast after happily growing in their normal aquaeous state, are rudely
dried into hard little balls. By first rehydrating the yeast in water it allows
them to return to a watery state, before being thrown to work in the wort. Its
a kinder genlter rehydration, sinse the high gravity wort will compress the bee-
jeebers of of the little guys. Sort of the opposite of divers comming up from
deep sea diving, they must go through a graudual decompression to keep from getting
the bends. Here, the yeast go into relatively low pressure water, and then into the
higher pressure wort, in the hopes that more of the little guys will survive the
transition unscathed. Momily or not? It's absolutely no more trouble to put it in
water for a few minutes so what the h*ll.

My two cents,
Walter Gude

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