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From: Peter Glen Berger <>
Subject: Recipe: Mo' Better Bitter
Date: 1992-04-02 04:06:12 GMT

Here's a recipe for a good to great bitter.

3 lbs. M&F Dry light malt extract
3 lbs. M&F Dry amber
1.5 lbs. Laaglander dry light
.5 lbs cracked toasted 2-row malt.
SMALL SMALL SMALL SMALL SMALL handful of roasted barley.
1 oz. Galena hops (8% alpha, so 8 HBU) for boil
1 oz. Fuggles (4% alpha, 4 HBU) for boil
1/2 oz. Fuggles, finishing
Wyeast irish ale yeast.

Substitute boiling hops at will, as long as you end up with 12 HBU.
The roasted barley is to add a hint of "red" color and just a touch of
flavor; if you despise the taste of roasted barley use chocolate malt
instead. The toasted barley is essential.

I used Wyeast Irish, but London ale would probably be even better.
I wish I had dry hopped this batch with an extra 1/2 oz. of Fuggles.

This is assertive and full-bodied, but drinkable by all. Keep the
fermentation temperature relatively high, around 68-70 degrees
fahrenheit, as a nice dicetyl is necessary to round this out.

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