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From: ingr!b11!mspe5!guy@uunet.UU.NET
Subject: Re: Mail order prices
Date: 1992-04-01 19:59:11 GMT

[Brian Gross' list of mailorder prices deleted]

I'd like to add one place to Bryan's list of suppliers; St. Patrick's of
Texas @ (512) 832-9045. I recently started doing business with them and I am
now a very satisfied customer. Their prices plugged into Bryan's chart look
like this:

Place Cascade pellets 2-row bulk pale wyeast choc. malt corn
2 oz barley malt extr. (1 #) sugar(5#)
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

StPat's 2.80 (3 oz) .80 11.25/6lb 3.90 1.05 2.70 (3#)

6.00 (9 oz) DME - 8.25/3lb

St. Pat's packs their 3 oz. hops in airtight plastic containers with screw
tops and graduations on the side. This makes it easy to measure partial
amounts as well as reseal and store them. Their bulk liquid extract is stored
under CO2 and drawn fresh when ordered. It comes in nice clear P.E.T. jars
with screw top lids which are quite handy when empty. I recommend adding their
catalog to your collection.

- --
Guy McConnell

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