From the HBD Archive
From: Wayne Hamilton <>
Subject: homebrew digest indices
Date: 1989-09-16 19:37:54 GMT

> My personal opinion is that these indices consume quite a bit of room
> in the digest, and are useless to me. I can "grep" through the digests
> if I need to find a subject; having a list of subjects in yet another
> digest is at best redundant. I do not want to have to edit them out.
> Perhaps Mr. Haberman would be willing to mail them to requestors?

it might be nice if the indices were distributed as "special issues",
but considering that after the past digests' indices go out, the rate
of posting will go down to once per month, it doesn't seem to me to be
a serious problem.

sure, you can "grep -i yeast hbd.*", but that's not quite as nice as
having the indices where you see poster's name as well. i run a BBS
((217)384-4311, mention the digest when you logon) where i keep the
digest in monthly archives for download. most of those archives are
>100kbytes. i've had a request from my users for an index so they
would know which archives would be most interesting to download (my
answer was "they're ALL interesting!").

the one problem i have with the posted indices is that the data is
pretty raw. the "RE: homebrew digest #121" subjects are pretty worthless,
and the "from" fields sometimes get pretty wierd. i've toyed with the
idea of digestifying the digest: collect the "best" postings on a
subject from several month's worth digests to create special topical

btw, i download all the homebrew digests to my BBS for inclusion in
my archives, and i also gate them into a fidonet homebrewing "echo".
if you or someone you know would like to keep up with the digest
without access to the internet, try my BBS or one of the many other
fidonet BBSs which carry the ZYMURGY echo.

wayne hamilton
U of Il and US Army Corps of Engineers CERL
UUCP: {convex,uunet}!uiucuxc!osiris!hamilton
ARPA: USMail: Box 476, Urbana, IL 61801
CSNET: hamilton%osiris@uiuc.csnet Phone: (217)384-4310

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