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From: "Roger Deschner " <U52983@UICVM.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Leinenkugel tours
Date: 1992-04-02 15:20:55 GMT

I have been on the tour, and the brewery is truly a museum piece - with
twisty passages, the aforementioned steep stairways, climbing over pipes
and hoses, and wonderful classic huge mysterious pieces of America's
Industrial Past going "hiss hiss hiss" as levers move up and down and
whirlygigs whirl. Bring your camera, especially if you're into industrial

However, the best part of Chippewa Falls must be its bars. All small,
friendly, places that treat tourists same as locals, and proudly sell a
10 oz glass of the local product for $.25. At happy hour it's $.20! And
it is, of course, VERY fresh, so while Leinenkugel's is not exactly a
four-star beer, it is one of the better representatives of the American
Pale Pilsner Style, so despite my beer-geekdom, I found fresh
Leinenkugel's very enjoyable on a hot July afternoon after all those
stairs on the brewery tour.

Whoda' thought such an environment would give birth to the world's
fastest computers.

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