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From: "Roger Deschner " <U52983@UICVM.UIC.EDU>
Subject: Re: Can Liquid Yeast Pkgs Explode? YES!!!
Date: 1992-04-02 15:43:27 GMT

After several years of reliable performance from Wyeast's packaging,
they changed something early in 1992, and a number of people have
reported bursting packages. Not only is this a waste of very good yeast,
it is a mess. Wyeast's quality control people are said to be VERY
concerned, and we all hope they fix this problem soon.

What to do since you can't brew right away: Make a starter, as per the
instructions on the Wyeast package or in many books. The Wyeast package
is itself a starter, and so you're simply enlarging the starter. This
is a good idea even without the fear of bursting, since the quantity of
wort in the package gives just barely a high enough pitching rate to
insure rapid commencement of fermentation and the protection from
infection and worry which that will give you.

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