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Subject: Negative Pressurein the Blow Off
Date: 1992-04-02 17:52:00 GMT

Dear Brewers

First, I want to thank all who responded to my post re: "milky-caramel"
appearance to my wort. I'd like to thank in particular Steve Hamburg
and Mark Easter for their insights and experience. Thanks all... I'm
not worrying... At least I wasn't until this morning...

When I got up this morning to check on how well my wort was clearing -
it had progressed to about half way into the wort - I noticed that the
blowoff tube had filled with clear water, obviously sucked in from the
catch recepticle! (Maybe *that's* why Pap. suggests replacing the blow
off tube with a fermentation lock!!)

I suspect that, because of the temperature drop last night - I've got
the carboy out on the back porch - the wort condensed a bit and the
negative pressure sucked up the chloronated water in the recepticle.
Now, the tube is quite long (about 6' or so), so I suspect that if any
of the water did get into the wort, it was minimal.

Still, I replaced the tube with a lock, but now I've got yet another set
of questions for the Illuminati:
1) Will the small amount of HCl-ated water that was sucked into the
wort do any damage?
2) Will the exposure to the air (when I switched from the blowoff
tube to the lock) effect the wort?
3) Is there now a possibility that, having replaced the blowoff
with a lock, any further fluxuation in temperature/pressure will
suck in (contaminating) air through the lock?

Thanks for the responses


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