From the HBD Archive
From: (Brian Bliss)
Subject: brown sugar & molasses
Date: 1992-04-02 18:41:06 GMT

> ... brown sugar == molasses & cane sugar

well, I for one can taste the difference between beers made with
brown sugar and those made with molasses, and beleive me, brown sugar
is prefereable, being quite appropriate in an english ale.
molasses leaves a much more distinctive taste, very sweet, and
objectionable in excess. I've used 2 lbs of brown sugar in a 1.075 OG,
1.020 FG ale before and it was yummy. My brewing partner used 1/4
cup molasses in 4 separate batches - It was quite at home in
the english ales, budefinitely a different flavor from brown
sugar. It was not at home in a lager. After the 4th batch,
we're both sick of molasses. I've also used an entire 16 oz.
bottle of molasses before in a 1.088 OG 1.033 FG dark cherry ale,
and it worked wonderfully - the residual sweetness balanced the
acidic cherries nicely. I was thinking about adding some molasses
to make a sweet cherry mead, but I'll stick with brown sugar
for the most part, from now on.


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